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PEKO – the global transport company from Poland


Are you looking for a company from Poland that provides reliable transport services? If you care about efficiency and safety of your cargo – you should definitely take a look at our offer! We will help you choose your transport, negotiate favourable rates and secure your cargo.

We are professionals, we have been operating on the market for over 16 years. We provide transport from and to Poland, as well as customs services. We adhere to the principle that international transport requires a comprehensive approach – you can be sure that when working with us, your goods will be safe and will reach their destination on time.

We know that our customers’ needs are very different. We are a flexible freight forwarding company from Poland – we will help you choose the right mode of transport, and if necessary combine several of them for intermodal transport. With our help, you can efficiently carry out international transport not only to and from Poland but also to and from any part of the world. We have developed effective methods and a network of contacts, so you can feel secure when entrusting your transport to us


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Advice and free preparation of transport offer


Efficient transport is one of the factors influencing the proper functioning and development of your company. We know this very well, which is why we offer a wide range of professional transport services. Take a look at our offer if you are wondering:

  • How to plan transport in order to optimise its cost?
  • How to compare received offers, so that you are not surprised by hidden costs?
  • What Incoterms sales conditions to choose?

Are you looking for an experienced international transport Polish service provider you can trust? Contact us!

Our experts will advise you on which form of transport to choose and what to pay attention to. We will prepare a free quote for you.

We deal with domestic forwarding and international transport. We will support you in the complete delivery process: both import and export of goods, constantly monitoring their progress.


transport międzynarodowy spedycja międzynarodowa international transport international freight forwarding peko spedycja


International transport – from Poland and to Poland


International transport is a multi-stage process that requires specialised supervision. By working with us, you will gain a dedicated supervisor who will be in contact with you throughout the entire period of cooperation.

As part of our service, you can count on support in areas such as:

  • Transport planning and coordination – we determine the best delivery route, taking into account time and costs.
  • Negotiations with carriers – we look for the lowest rates and attractive transport conditions.
  • Risk management – we protect your goods against damage or loss during transport.
  • Overseeing the delivery – as a freight forwarder, we keep our finger on the pulse, verifying that the delivery is on schedule and that all formalities have been taken care of.
  • There are different types of transport, including sea, air, land and combined. Each type has its own unique challenges and requirements, so it’s important to choose the right type of shipping for your delivery.


What you gain by choosing our transport services:


  • Fastest price valuations on the market
  • Dedicated Transport Manager for the entire period of cooperation
  • Knowledge on how to plan transportation and compare offers
  • Comfort, thanks to up-to-date transport status
  • Start to be on the crest of a wave!


International transport from Poland | Transport to Poland


PEKO Spedycja Międzynarodowa, based in Sopot, Poland, is a forwarding Polish company that carries out international transport.

Thanks to contacts with verified partners – reputable shipowners, airlines, insurers, road carriers and a network of agents, our company provides transport services all over the world.


PEKO International Forwarding provides a comprehensive service for international transport:

  • Sea freight forwarding – sea transport
  • Road forwarding – road transport throughout Poland and to/from any location
  • Rail forwarding – rail and intermodal transport
  • Air forwarding – air transport

We offer transport services via all possible channels, including intermodal and multimodal transport. As a result, we are able to tailor transport to the needs of our customers.


transport to Poland transport from Poland international transport forwarding PEKO Forwarding


Own customs agency – an important element of international transport


Our customers can benefit from the customs service at PEKO Agencja Celna, which has been operating since 1991. There are 35 agents at your disposal in 8 branches in Gdansk, Gdynia, Ilawa, Tczew, Kwidzyn and Olsztyn. The Customs Agency will take over duties related to customs procedures and statistical issues (preparation and submission of statistical declarations).


Our company: freight forwarding from Poland with a global reach


Although our office is located in Poland, the company’s transport services are not limited to Poland – we successfully fulfil transport orders all over the country and to/from anywhere in the world.

Cooperation with a professional company in the field of road, sea, air and rail forwarding is a guarantee of experience, flexibility of the proposed solutions and an individual approach to each client. Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to prepare a dedicated offer!


International freight forwarding – entrust the organisation of transport to experienced professionals


Global transport of goods is an important lever for business development, so it is worth entrusting its organisation to professionals. We will be happy to take care of the planning and supervision of the entire transport process, so that you can focus on what you are constantly lacking time for!

Are you looking for a professional transport company in Poland? Working with us will certainly meet your expectations. We are your reliable partner for international transport. We have been providing forwarding services for 16 years – our extensive experience and independently developed methods enable us to efficiently carry out international transport of goods to and from all corners of the globe. We pay particular attention to the safety of the goods, the efficiency of the operation, the quality of the service and your well-being.

Whether you want to transport your goods within Europe or across the ocean – you can be sure that your goods will arrive safely. We fulfil global transport orders by sea, rail, air and road. We provide comprehensive services for general cargo (LCL and LTL) as well as full container loads (FCL) and full truck loads (FTL). We also handle dangerous goods (ADR) and specialised transport. Each of your loads will be insured, and if you need additional storage space – you can count on us!

We are a Polish forwarding company that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing world. The high quality of our services is confirmed both by the number of satisfied customers and by the awards and distinctions we have received. See for yourself!


International transport – professional advice and quick quotation


By working with us, you will receive a dedicated Transport Manager who will take care of each of your transports. Our regular customers can also count on an extended payment period of up to 30 days. We know that time is of the essence in this business, which is why we will prepare a quote for you as soon as possible!

Make an appointment with us for a free consultation, during which we will get to know your company’s needs, identify possible areas for optimisation and propose the best solutions. Need a free consultancy and transport quote? Get in touch with us!


International transport – work with experts


People are behind the success of our company. The transport company PEKO Spedycja brings together the best experts in the field of forwarding. Our employees are specialists who use their knowledge, experience and valuable skills on a daily basis. It is thanks to them that the import and export of goods on a global scale runs smoothly, quickly and safely!

By entrusting your international transport order to our team of experts, you can be sure that the forwarding service will be performed at the highest level – on time and with care for safety.


international freight forwarding spedycja międzynarodowa PEKO Spedycja


Comprehensive international transport services at PEKO Spedycja


We take a comprehensive approach to the subject of international transport. What does this mean? As a professional freight forwarding company, we not only ensure the smooth transport of goods, which reach their destination on time, but also take care of the necessary documentation, storage and cargo insurance. To further ease the burden on our customers, we also offer customs handling.

A wide range of services covering all transport channels and an individual approach to each customer set us apart in the market. We are flexible and willing to look for new solutions – this enables us to offer an offer perfectly tailored to your needs. This approach is extremely practical and will relieve you as much as possible, providing peace of mind and a sense of security.


Why should you work with us?


PEKO Spedycja Międzynarodowa is a transport company from Poland providing global freight forwarding services. By choosing to cooperate with us, you will gain a helpful partner who will support you at every stage of transporting goods. Thanks to this, you will be able to deal with your company with peace of mind and watch how efficient forwarding affects its development.

When working with us, you can be sure that:

  • we will help you at the transport planning stage,
  • we will negotiate favourable rates with carriers,
  • we will protect your goods against damage or loss,
  • we will supervise the entire transport process,
  • you will always receive up-to-date status, knowing where your cargo is.


To make international transport even more efficient, we can also take care of customs matters – we have our own PEKO Customs Agency, carrying out customs clearance, including all procedures at any specific Customs Office.

During our many years of operation in international transport, we have learned the market very well and have established contacts with reliable partners – shipowners, airlines, insurers and road hauliers. That’s why you can be sure that we can handle any task. Our transport services are of the highest standard – we know what efficient international freight forwarding is all about. With us you will have peace of mind about your transport!

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