It’s more than just a passion!
It’s like a sea voyage after a long day’s work.

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When we ask our diver co-workers what it is that diving does for them, they say, it gives them positive energy. Czytaj dalej


Professional rivalry at work and friendship in private, as we climb new summits in the remotest corners of the globe. Is this possible? Yes, but it doesn’t happen very often. Let’s hear the story of two 30-plus women from the Tricity area who use their passion to fight stereotypes and break down barriers.

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The history of Poland

The Polish Navy submarine “Orzeł” (Eagle) embodied dreams of Poland as a modern and strong state that was able to defend its borders and interests on the sea!

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Our love for music and playing musical instruments has encouraged us to co-finance Marcin Wądołkowski CD recording studio. He is a composer considered to be one of the most brilliant and talented Polish jazz guitarists of recent years (# Muzyczna Gazeta 2016/4).

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Americal football

Our passion for American football and local patriotism has pushed us to become one of the companies supporting Seahawks Gdynia, one of the most accomplished football teams in Poland!

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