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The multi-faceted thinking of transport is especially true in rail freight forwarding – transport on iron rails is one of the oldest, but still rapidly growing branches of freight forwarding. Thanks to rail container transport, it takes just 14 days to deliver cargo to and from China!

Rail forwarding is one of the most important segments of freight transport, playing an important role in the supply chain. In many countries, such as China, Russia, Germany and the United States, rail is the leading mode of transport, with a market share of between 20 and 50 per cent of the freight transport market.

Types of rail transport:

  • full wagon – the carriage of cargo in bulk in special freight wagons. Amongst others, coal, steel, cereals or ores are transported in this way.
  • container – transport of goods carried in containers. This form of rail transport can be combined with other types of transport on the same route due to the mobility of the containers.
  • less-than-truckload – this type of rail transport is used for low-volume freight.


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Rail forwarding has many advantages such as low costs and high efficiency. Rail is particularly suitable for the transport of raw materials and bulk goods such as coal, oil, iron, as well as industrial products such as cars and machinery.

Rail freight transport is also important for the economic development of countries and the integration of markets. By linking national and international rail networks, countries and regions are able to cooperate and exchange goods more easily, which contributes to economic development and trade.


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Despite advances in technology, rail freight is still a popular mode of transport. Most regions of the world have a well-developed rail infrastructure, making rail an efficient way to transport many types of goods. Key advantages of rail transport include:

  • lead time – rail transport is faster than sea transport, and in some areas of the world trains can reach high speeds and are faster than cars, making rail faster than road transport.
  • ability to carry bulky cargo – trains are an excellent solution for carrying bulky cargo. The payload capacity of wagons is greater than that of a truck. Rail transport is excellent for transporting bulky or loose goods.
  • ecology – choosing rail transport helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore a choice with a lower environmental impact.
  • safety – rail transport is one of the safest modes of transport both in terms of exposure of goods to shocks and theft.

Rail transport also has other advantages, which include, for example, its lower cost compared to air transport, its suitability for many types of goods or its independence from the road network and truck restrictions. The well-developed rail infrastructure makes rail a good alternative to sea or road transport.




Intermodal transport is a freight transport system that uses two or more different modes of transport. It aims to optimise transport efficiency and costs. Combining the carriage of goods by rail with other modes of transport gives great flexibility in the planning of delivery routes. For example, cargo can be delivered by road to a terminal, from where it is transferred to a train or ship and then transported by car to its final destination – international rail transport is part of the supply chain.

Intermodal transport is important in the global supply chain as it enables goods to be transported over long distances without transshipment (the goods travel in one container but on different modes of transport). A transport service involving rail transport is made possible by fixed loading units, i.e. containers. This solution optimises freight costs, reduces cost, reduces environmental impact and gives greater flexibility in the face of changing conditions or emergencies.


transport kolejowy spedycja kolejowa transport lądowy peko spedycja rail transport poland




Our company has been active on the transport market for several years. We have a great deal of experience, and our independently developed methods and network of proven contacts allow us to efficiently fulfil any order for rail transport and any other type of transport.

We provide rail transport services in Poland and Europe, as well as to and from China and every other corner of the globe, including as part of intermodal transport.





With PEKO International Forwarding, rail transport is a guarantee of optimised delivery times and costs depending on the means of transport used and the length of the route. For example, rail forwarding from the Far East is a great alternative to costly air freight and time-consuming sea freight. The rail transport service also has the advantage of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The aim of our company is to deliver specific goods safely, quickly and efficiently to their destination. Thanks to our employed team of professionals, PEKO Forwarding offers comprehensive full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) services in rail and intermodal transport.

We can organise transport not only to and from Poland, but also in any other direction of the world.




If you are looking for a professional rail transport company, PEKO Forwarding will meet your expectations. We employ experts and professionals in the field of freight forwarding. Thanks to their skills, the import and export of goods runs smoothly and safely.

What distinguishes us on the market is our flexibility and comprehensive approach to the implementation of transport services – we not only ensure the smooth delivery of goods to the destination point. We can also offer a high quality service. We will also take care of the necessary documentation, storage, cargo insurance and customs clearance for you.

When you work with us, you will receive an offer perfectly tailored to your needs and a dedicated account manager who will negotiate attractive delivery terms with the carriers, carry out the entire transport from A to Z and keep in touch with you at all times.

Our rail transport services include:

  • export and import on a rail terminal-to-rail terminal basis in cooperation with the best rail operators to/from anywhere in China and from/to Poland,
  • export and import on a door-to-door basis based on a network of proven rail partners and agents to/from anywhere in China and from/to Poland,
  • also as a link for intermodal transport: rail-road or road-rail-sea to selected European countries,
  • logistical handling of goods at the rail terminal and at the point of unloading,
  • all-risk cargo insurance.


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