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PEKO Spedycja is a company with several years of experience in the transport industry, including in the market of air freight services. We operate across the globe, organising and supervising the route of goods from and to every corner of the world.

We are professionals, and what sets us apart in action is our flexibility and adaptation to the customer. We use all possible means of transport and always try to make an offer that is best suited to your needs!

We are not limited to land-based modes of transport. We know that our customers have different needs. To meet them, we carry out forwarding orders based on sea, road, rail and air transport. We also offer intermodal transport, which allows one load to be transported using several modes of transport, including aircraft.

Many years of experience have allowed us to build a network of trusted contacts and develop systems of operation, thanks to which our services are at the highest level. The PEKO Spedycja team are experts in their field who will make sure that your goods reach their destination efficiently and safely. Choose to cooperate with experienced specialists – you will gain peace of mind and your company will be able to operate at its rhythm!


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There are different types of air transport, including cargo (freight), passenger transport and special transport (e.g. medical or humanitarian). Each of these types of transport requires specialist knowledge and experience in air logistics.

Air freight is the transport of goods by air using aircraft. This type of freight forwarding involves the comprehensive handling of cargo by air. Air freight consists of several stages such as planning, preparation and storage of goods, movement of goods from origin to destination and delivery of goods to the customer. In order to ensure the smooth movement of goods, the air freight forwarder has to cooperate with a number of actors, such as airlines, customs agencies and logistics companies.




The price of air transport is higher compared to land or sea transport. This is due to the fact that it consists of many charges, such as airport costs – screening, handling, checking the shipment, issuing appropriate documents, export clearance, delivery to the airport, air freight.

Nevertheless, in many situations the choice of air transport is the best solution.


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Today, air transport is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of moving goods over long distances. Compared to other forms of transport, such as road or sea transport, air transport is characterised by greater speed and reliability.

The choice of air transport is recommended when fast turnaround times and cargo safety are important. Distribution of goods to very distant, exotic destinations is also an argument in favour.

Air transport is particularly suitable for goods that need to be transported quickly and safely, such as pharmaceutical products, machine and equipment parts and express goods. Compared to other forms of transport, air transport is also more suitable for fragile and weather-sensitive goods, such as agricultural and plant products.

It is used by customers transporting live animals, components and parts necessary for manufacturing companies so that they can keep working. Above all, however, air freight will work well for goods of high nominal value. Air freight will not be the best choice for transporting, for example, large quantities of low-cost equipment or other low-value items whose transport does not require significant care.




Air transport plays a key role in trade and the economy on a global scale. It is particularly useful for transporting high-value goods that are vulnerable to damage. What are the advantages of transporting goods by this mode of transport? Here are the main advantages of air transport:

  • short delivery time – the air route is characterised by extremely fast delivery times. Unlike a ship or car, an aircraft is able to cover long distances in a short time. As a result, delivery times for goods to geographically remote areas can be reduced from several weeks to a few days or even hours.
  • unlimited reach – air transport makes it possible to deliver goods to almost every corner of the globe, and there are intercontinental connections that allow companies to reach distant markets and gain new customers.
  • availability of transport – high frequency of flights allows air transport to be better tailored to customer needs and to gain confidence that goods will leave on time.
  • reaching inaccessible places – air transport makes it possible to reach places where the accessibility of other routes is limited, examples of such places are islands or areas with undeveloped railways.
  • safety of goods – goods are safer when transported by air, as the risk of mechanical damage or moisture decreases in planes.




PEKO International Forwarding offers a comprehensive service for air transport orders. If you are looking for a professional transport company, cooperation with us will certainly meet your expectations. We ensure efficient and safe transport of goods, and the whole journey will be supervised by an experienced forwarder. Cooperation with a professional company will relieve you of many formal obligations and give you peace of mind!

We can organise transport not only to and from Poland, but also in any other direction of the world.


When you start working with us, you can count on:

  • expert shipping advice,
  • up-to-date cargo monitoring,
  • trouble-free contact and assistance from your assigned account manager,
  • door-to-door import and export with reputable airlines to/from anywhere in the world,
  • air transport with economy, priority and express options,
  • supervision of the various stages of cargo handling (relevant services, cargo terminals, airlines),
  • all-risk cargo insurance.

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