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As the level of globalisation has increased, so has the importance of international transport.

Transport orders from Poland can be carried out by sea, rail, air and road. It is important that the transport of goods is well planned. To ensure that the process runs smoothly and without problems, transport from Poland should be outsourced to an experienced freight forwarding company from Poland. As a PEKO: we will help organise the transport, as well as take care of the documentation on your behalf and organise customs clearance.


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The role of the forwarding company in transport from Poland


Transport from Poland can be organised on your own, but it is a complicated process in which mistakes are easy to make. There are many aspects to plan, which can prove difficult in practice. It is advisable to use the services of an experienced forwarding company that knows the specifics of the region. Such a solution will ensure the smooth delivery of the cargo to its destination and you will not be left alone in case of possible problems.

We are a forwarding company from Poland, so the implementation of transport from our country is no problem for us.

When carrying out an import from Poland, we will take over your responsibilities in terms of:

  • planning the optimal route and assisting you in choosing the type of transport,
  • communication with carriers in Poland,
  • customs clearance,
  • documentation,
  • supervision of cargo transportation.



Importing from Poland – which mode of transport to choose?




Transportation of goods from Poland by sea is the most popular means of transport. Import from Poland by sea is the cheapest, but the waiting time is the longest. In sea transport, goods are transported by container ships or bulk carriers (e.g. aggregates). Sea transport is based on the transport of containers, the type of which is selected according to the content. Various types of containers are available, including those adapted to transport food, such as refrigerated and heated containers.

The service of transporting goods by sea includes the transport of both full container loads (FCL, full container load) and less container loads (LCL, less container load).

When will sea transport be a good choice?

  • when you want a low price,
  • when the safety of the cargo is important – sea transport is characterized by a low risk of an accident, damage or loss of goods (however, it is worth choosing to insure the cargo – there are situations in which, for example, a container is flooded during a storm),
  • when you don’t really care about fast delivery time.




The transport of goods from Poland by air ensures short transport times. Regardless of the direction, the goods are usually delivered within a few days. However, air transport is not a popular means of transport from this region due to the price – air transport is the most expensive option. However, if the budget is not an issue, then air will be the perfect choice, especially for goods with a short shelf life, as well as for valuable shipments.

When is it worth choosing air transport to transport goods from Poland?

  • you care about fast delivery time,
  • the goods are valuable and their size is not large,
  • the goods have a very short expiration date,
  • the price doesn’t matter much to you.




Road transport is a cost-effective solution for transport within Europe and for hard-to-reach destinations. Its price is higher than rail transport and lower than air transport. Road transport from Poland is a good choice when timely deliveries are important. An additional advantage of this solution is the possibility of door-to-door delivery.




Rail is the mode of transport that is most competitive with sea transport. Import from Poland by rail has many advantages, including high train capacity, transport time and price. All this makes the railway’s new silk route more and more popular.

We handle orders both for rail transport from Poland and to Poland. This type of transport ensures a shorter delivery time than in the case of sea transport. The cost of rail transport is lower than by air, and the delivery time is optimal. Therefore, international rail transport is a great alternative to air and sea transport when it comes to transporting goods from Poland.



When is it worth choosing a railway to transport goods from Poland?


  • when the goods are bulky,
  • for the transport of dangerous goods,
  • we have moisture-sensitive or high-value goods to transport, but we have a limited budget,
  • the issue of ecology is important to you.

The most important advantages of transporting goods from Poland include:

  • a large selection of connections,
  • low risk of negative impact of weather conditions,
  • high load capacity,
  • possibility of transporting various goods, including flammable and dangerous ones,
  • more cost-effective than air transport,
  • low carbon footprint of transport.


Import from Poland: what is most often transported


Imports from Poland cover a wide range of sectors. The industries that most often transport goods from Poland are:

  1. Automotive: Poland has a thriving automotive industry, manufacturing vehicles, automotive components, and spare parts. The export of automobiles and automotive products is a significant contributor to Poland’s economy.
  2. Machinery and Equipment: Poland has a strong manufacturing base for machinery and equipment. Exporting industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, and other equipment is a vital part of Poland’s export sector.
  3. Chemicals: Poland has a well-developed chemical industry, producing a wide range of chemicals, including plastics, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals. Chemical exports contribute significantly to Poland’s export revenue.
  4. Food and Beverages: Poland is known for its agricultural products and food processing industry. Exporting food items such as meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and beverages is an important aspect of Poland’s export trade.
  5. Furniture: Poland is a significant exporter of furniture, offering a wide range of products, including wooden furniture, office furniture, and kitchen cabinets.

These industries, like many others, rely on efficient transport networks to deliver their products to international markets. The availability of a variety of transport options ensures that exporters can choose the most suitable means of transport for their goods, taking into account factors such as cost, transit time and the nature of the products being shipped. Cooperation with experienced logistics service providers or forwarders can help exporters navigate the intricacies of international trade and optimize transport from Poland.

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